General Policies

The Rules and Policies for Olympia Gymnastic Training Centers were created to answer basic questions about our operating procedures. They are for your benefit and the welfare of our total program. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - for first time students

We offer the following guarantee because we believe we have the best children’s program in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. If within your family’s first four weeks of classes you are not entirely happy with our programs, we will happily refund 100% of your tuition for the session (or apply it as credit toward another Olympia program). Note that our money-back guarantee is intended for families brand new to Olympia Gymnastic Training Centers


Our program is a year round program and it is important to realize the value of our programs is usually recognized over a period of time. Your tuition payment pays for the emotional, social and physical development that your child receives, not in a specific number of lessons, but progressively throughout the year.

Registration and Payment Procedure

Full payment by check, cash, MasterCard, or Visa with registration in person, online or by mail (please DO NOT mail cash). Once you are registered, you will be enrolled into our AutoPay system to pay for your monthly classes. AutoPay will charge your credit card that is on fie each month on the last business day of that month. You will receive an email reminder one week prior to your card being charged. We do not send confirmation of class times. An online account must be completed and our rules and policies must be read and accepted online (through our iclasspro parent portal) prior to your student(s) participation in any Olympia program or special activity.

  • AUTO PAY– AutoPay is a new system that is efficient for the company by allowing payments for classes to be received in a timely manner. We have taken specific steps in ensuring that our online Gateway allows for secure entering of our customer's credit card. Our customers can update their card at any time online OR can call in and give our office personnel the updated information. (Please read our parent letter or FAQ for more information on the new autopay systerm)
    • We MUST have a card on file, but if a customer feels strongly that they do not want their card charged on the last business day of the month, they will have the option of paying with cash or check BEFORE the last business day of the month. The card on file WILL BE CHARGED if payment is not received.
    • Customers are required to notify us in writing by the 15th of the previous month if they will not be continuing. This ensures we are able to offer another student a place in class.
    • If there are any changes that need to be made to the account (e.g. incorrect charge or a refund), our bookkeepers have the ability to correct any charges as necessary. However, since our records have a secure (encrypted) number only, the bookkeepers will need to call the customer for the full card number in order to make a change or refund. If will show up on your account within 5 business days.
  • REGISTRATION FEE - This is due upon initial registration and on your anniversary date thereafter. The fee defrays administrative costs; sales tax required by law and covers a portion of our liability insurance cost.
    • $44.00 Individual
    • $59.00 Family
  • MULTI FAMILY DISCOUNT – Multi-sibling discount is set up so only the first child pays full price, 2nd child receives 20% off, 3rd child receives 30% off and 4th child receives 50% off.
  • MULTIPLE PROGRAM DISCOUNT – If a student participates in multiple programs (i.e. cheer/gymnastics; ninja/gymnastics, tumble & trampoline/gymnastics, etc.), he or she will receive a 20% discount on the second class or program.
  • CURRENT STUDENTS – Once you have paid your initial registration fee and first month's tuition, Auto pay will begin the last business day for the following month of enrollment. Class change requests should be made prior to the last business day of the month to maintain priority over new students. We do not invoice, however for your convenience our bookkeepers will send out a notification one week prior to the last business day of the month that your card on file will be automatically charged. Our deadlines are in place to prevent overbooked classes.
  • PREVIOUS STUDENTS – Previous students are given registration priority over new students assuming registration is received prior to the last business day of the month. Previous student status is for any member who has paid the Annual Registration fee within the last twelve (12) months.

Joining and Dropping Classes Mid Month

  • Joining a class after the month commences? ABSOLUTELY! As long as there is a vacancy in the class and we will be happy to prorate tuition relative to the start date.
  • Dropping a class, missing a class or changing a class; there are NO refunds for credits for dropping a class in mid-month. Once the month commences, you are in class for the entire month regardless of attendance, except for MEDICAL REASONS. For medical situations validated by a written acknowledgement from a licensed medical professional you will be granted a credit. A doctor's release is needed to return. In every case, we care about you as a customer, should you decided to leave our program, please notify our office by the 15th of the previous month to avoid autopay to your account.

Safety Statement

We at Olympia Gymnastic Training Centers are proud of our professional staff; most of whom have been safety certified and continue to update their professional growth and safety training. This is important in gymnastics as well as in other sports where the possibility of injury exists due to the nature of the activity. An injury may be anything from a bruise, a broken bone, or permanent disability (possibly paralysis), or even death. We take special steps to assure reasonable safety, but this does not assure that the children will never be injured.

Class Procedures

  1. PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR CLASS! This is extremely important. We do warm-ups, take roll, cover safety rules and explain special announcements.
  2. REGULAR ATTENDANCE IS IMPORTANT - Gymnastics is a progressive sport; missing classes may cause your child to fall behind the rest of the class.
  3. STUDENTS ONLY IN GYM - Only participating students are permitted in the gym area during class time (unless otherwise instructed). Students are not allowed on any of the equipment before or after their class unless supervised by an instructor. Parents are asked not to converse with the students while in a class situation.

Weather Cancellations

  1. Check online or watch the local news station in the morning for specific school closings. If your school district is closed for the day due to poor road conditions, we will not have classes from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please contact your specific gym for the school district they follow. (This does not include school closings due to frigid temperatures.)
  2. We will attempt to contact all students.
  3. Call our office for a recorded closing message.
  4. Check our website ( or Facebook for information about gym closures.

Clothing Requirements

  1. PRESCHOOL & PROGRESSIVE ATTIRE – We recommend girls wear a leotard. The boys are required to wear loose fitting shorts with no buttons, buckles or zippers. We have leotards for sale in our gym pro-shop.
  2. NO JEWELRY PLEASE - Jewelry of any kind is not allowed in the gym. It can be dangerous to students, instructors, and can damage the equipment. We are not responsible for any belongings left in the facility. Please leave valuable items at home.
  3. OTHER INFORMATION - Students participate barefoot and with bare legs. No leg tights please. Hair that obstructs vision must be tied back; this is for the safety of the student.

General Information

  1. BULLETIN BOARDS - Gym closings and special announcements will be posted on the bulletin boards. Parents are responsible for checking the bulletin boards weekly.
  2. LOST & FOUND - Please ask the office staff where the Lost & Found box is kept in your gym. It is emptied the first of every month and sent to a charitable organization. Please check it often.
  4. EQUAL TREATMENT OF CUSTOMERS - It is the policy of Olympiad Gymnastic Training Centers to provide instruction, services, merchandise and products to our customers on an equal opportunity basis without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, handicap, national origin or age.