Meet Our Olympia Ninja City Staff

Bonnie Campbell - Gym Manager

I began my career with Olympiad in 1984 here at our West location. In 1990, I transferred to Olympiad Ellisville to open the new location as the Progressive Director. In 2004, I transferred back to Olympiad West to become the Gym Manager. I have been a coach for more than 20 years and was a competitive gymnast. I love working for Olympiad because I truly believe it is good for kids. I can answer questions about general gym policies and programs and anything else you’d like to know! I can be reached at

Becky Erdey - Office/Bookkeeper

I have been working at Olympiad for 8 years. I wear many hats at the West location including Office Manager, Book Keeper and in charge of Pro Shop. I have 2 kids, Michael is 23 and is in school in California and Elizabeth is 19. She was on the Olympiad West Gymnastics team for 6 years before retiring. She is also on staff at Olympiad. In my free time I enjoy reading and working out. I can answer questions regarding you account and programs. I can be reached at


Jack Morgan - Ninja Director

I started working for Olympiad in 2007. I did gymnastics and tramp and tumble when I was younger. I always remembered how much fun it was and I'm sure that's how i ended up teaching the sport. Currently I am the Boys head team coach and boys director. I love working for Olympiad because I enjoy inspiring the kids to do their best and reach there goals. I can answer your questions pertaining to the boys program. I can be reached at


Katherine Potorff - Ninja City Ninja Instructor

As a young child I always wanted to do gymnastics, but it wasn't until I was 13 that I finally convinced my parents and they agreed on one condition; that if I wanted to take more classes I had to pay for them myself. So from this first class, I started saving and working all kinds of odd jobs. The skills I have learned from taking gymnastics were appealing; discipline, determination, coordination and how it affected me mentally and physically. I started working as an instructor at Team Central at the age of 15. I have been teaching ninja since 2015 and I am now the Ninja director at our Mid Rivers location and have been a part of the program since its inception. I am always availale to answer questions and care for the needs of our ninja kids beginner - advanced. I can be reached at

Jennifer Phillips - Ninja City Ninja Instructor

I was a student at Olympiad North for eight years as a child. I loved the sport and was passionate about it. I went on the be a cheerleader at St. Charles High School. In 2004, I graduated from Maryville University with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Biology. I worked as a specialist in the Air Pollution Control program for the St. Louis County Health Department for 5 years. At that time, I had my second child and decided to be a stay-at-home mom. My kids (now three of them) attended Olympia Manchester since they were very young. After my third was born, my husband and I started rock climbing and training for obstacle course competitions. I have now competed in several of them and advanced to the national level in the National Ninja League. I decided to go back to work part-time in 2016 at Olympia Manchester. I now teach tumble bees, girls gymnastics, cheer, and ninja; sharing my passion with children and loving every minute of it!  I can be reached at

Darren Barnes - Ninja City Ninja Instructor

I first stared lifting when I was 7. I competed in local competitions, then soon started to compete nationally. My first nationals away from home was Youth Nationals in Trenton, New Jersey. By this time I was in love with the sport. I made my first international team in 2008, when I competed in the Youth Pan-American Championships at 14 years old. This competition was in Moyobambu, Peru. Perhaps one of my biggest accomplishments was breaking the youth, junior, and senior American records simultaneously at the Junior Worlds Championships in Penang, Malaysia (a total of 9 records). I became one of the youngest athletes to ever break senior American records and to make a Senior World Team (my first was at Disney Paris, France). I have won multiple worlds and Panam medals. Recently, my biggest accomplishment was the Worlds Universiade Games in Taipei. This was one of the biggest meets of my life. My goal now is still to make the next Olympics in Tokyo of 2020. This will be my last try before I finally retire. After missing the last two Olympics by very little, I am more motivated than ever to have a degree and become an Olympian.